Monday, December 19, 2011

No Nap!

OK, so Oliver's not angry about it or anything, but he hasn't been napping! About a week and a half ago, Oliver skipped his nap. He just talked to himself in bed instead of sleeping. It was pretty funny, and I let it slide. That night, he got super crabby, but I refused to put him to bed before 7pm because I didn't want him to think it was just a nap instead of bed time.

Well, yesterday, Oliver didn't nap again. We moved him out of his big boy bed and into the crib. It didn't help. We went to visit my parents later than afternoon, and Oliver kept wanting me to put him in their crib for him to nap. I did, but he didn't sleep until bed time.

Today, I thought he'd definitely nap to catch up on the sleep his missed out on yesterday. Just in case, I put him in the crib instead of the bed. No dice. Oliver has laid awake for the last hour, quietly talking to himself and his stuffed monkey.

I'm not completely against him switching from nap time to quiet time, except he starts to get so tired around 4pm or so. I can't have him sleeping then! So, alas, he's stuck in a transition between needing a nap and not needing one. I remember going through this when he transitioned from two naps a day to one. Two was too many, but one wasn't enough!

Oliver's recently two (he's 25 months old), and, from what I read online, about one-quarter of toddlers stop napping before three years old. I wish my son was in the other 75% group, but I guess you deal with the hand you're dealt. Well, I'd better go rescue my son. I think "nap" time is over.

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