Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jo Turns Five Months Old

Joanna seems to have matured a lot this month. Well, as much as a baby can be said to mature. She is more involved with her environment, interested in grabbing things, and giggles at things that amuse her.

She's sleeping much better at night (knock on wood!), although she's now sleeping on her stomach. She typically will sleep from 8pm to 5am, getting up once for a diaper change and milk. At 5am, she'll go back to sleep in our arms for another hour after I nurse her, and then she'll take three naps during the day.

We introduced some solid foods this month. She's had homemade sweet potato baby food, mashed bananas, jarred peas, and jarred green beans. She really likes her peas and green beans, tolerates the bananas (although they make her constipated), but turns her nose at the sweet potatoes. Her brother never really liked sweet potatoes either, and, frankly, neither do I.

Jo is sitting up for minutes at a time by herself. She stands quite well with us supporting her with our hands under her armpits. But, although she has rolled over, she still doesn't do it regularly at all. I can probably count the number of times she's rolled over on my fingers. So, I guess this means more time playing on the floor for our Jo Bear.

Of all the people she likes, Joanna adores her daddy the best. When he comes home from work, her face lights up. She won't look away from him for about half an hour and just beams up at him and coos. Jo really loves her daddy!

Joanna's Likes:
*Her feet
*Green beans
*Smiling at people
*Chewing on anything
*Taking tiny sips of water from a cup with Mommy's help
*Naked time
*Watching Oliver play

Joanna's Dislikes:
*Long car rides
*The car seat
*Being alone
*Oliver cuddling her too tightly

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