Friday, April 20, 2012

Soft Brown Sugar Cookies

I stumbled upon a unique cookie recipe online that looked mouthwatering.  I pinned it to my Pinterest boards to make sure I wouldn't lose it.  Here's my pin:

The only ingredient that required a trip to the store for me was the sour cream.  The next day, I picked some up from the store and jumped into cookie baking.  Andrew came home in the midst of it and remarked that our house smelled like pancakes.  He was right.  These cookies smell just like pancakes as they bake!

I glazed them with the butter glaze when they came out.  Andrew swore they tasted just like pancakes, too.  I thought, if I ever make these again, I should add maple to the glaze to add to the effect.  They're already dubbed "the pancake cookies" in my house.

I loved how soft these cookies are.  They tasted sweet, but in a good way.  Still, I think when I crave a soft, fluffy cookie, I'll go to my old standby and make these lemon ricotta cookies:

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Samantha said...

YUM! Add these to the challenge!