Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Tip: Small Business Saturday

If you have an American Express card, you can cross a person off of your Christmas list for nearly free! It's called Small Business Saturday, and it's awesome. It helps us as shoppers and helps small businesses, too!

The official rules can be found here:, but the basic gist of it is this:

1. Starting at midnight MST this morning (when this entry posts) through November 24 (or while entries last), sign up for Small Business Saturday here with your American Express card.

2. On Saturday, November 24, spend at least $25 in a single transaction at qualified small business that accepts American Express cards. You have to pay with your American Express, obviously. To find a store that qualifies, go to and click on the tab near the top that says "Find Out Where to Shop." You can enter in your zip code or city, and they will give you a list of qualified businesses near you. When I enter in mine, I get 20 pages of businesses. You can also search by business name. I searched for a toy shop nearby, but there are also restaurants, cleaners, chocolate shops, and more. Even the Monkey Bizness down south qualifies!

3. In 8 weeks, American Express will give you a $25 statement credit on your qualified purchase. If you return your items, they'll take the credit back. So, no cheating!

Last year, I went to a spice shop in Old Littleton that I'd been meaning to check out, and I spent about $28 for some vanilla baking sugar for me and a nice spice gift set for my sister-in-law. After the statement credit, those purchases were nearly free! Enjoy your (almost) freebie!

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