Friday, January 4, 2013

Oliver's Back!

We were all supposed to go on a road trip to Utah to visit my brother-in-law's family. We were supposed to leave last Saturday, the 29th. At the last minute, plans fell through. My mother-in-law, Colleen, ended up flying into Utah. Oliver had been looking forward to vacation and had his bag packed, so Colleen volunteered to take him with. We agreed, and Andrew, Joanna, and I stayed behind.

Having one child in the house felt like a vacation in some ways. When Jo napped, I got to lounge. Oliver tends to leave a continuous trail of mess where he plays, and so I had nearly a week in which I didn't have to bend over and pick up toys nonstop.

After the second day, I started to miss my little man. By day 5, I was going bonkers. We could talk over Facetime, which helped, but I just wanted him home! It started to get to me that he was hundreds of miles away. Of course, he had a great time with his grandma, cousins, aunt, and uncle. They went sledding and even went on sleigh ride. They all watched the Broncos game together, and Oliver thoroughly enjoyed playing with the baby and mixing his bottles (he keeps talking about the baby, even now that he's home).

He finally came home yesterday in the early afternoon. I feel a lot better having my family home, together! I think even Jo is happy to have her brother home. Oliver is happy to be with us and also happy to have his toy appliances.

Here he is with his cousins:

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