Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2013

Oliver woke up talking about how he was going to work to help Dad fix computers. Andrew made him a pretend work badge that says, "ELMO, number 1 fan," with an Elmo icon on it. He also borrowed an extra phone clip for Oliver to wear on his pocket for the day. Andrew had his work laptop backpack, and he put his work iPad in the monkey backpack for Oliver to wear. I filled a coffee travel mug for Andrew and filled another one with chocolate milk for Oliver.

They're leaving with their sack lunches. Andrew's work actually provides pizza today for all the employees and kids, but Oliver helps pack Andrew's lunch every day, so we thought it was important he got to do it for himself today, too.

And here's a flashback photo from Bring Your Child to Work Day 2012:


Unknown said...

OMG that is the cutest thing in the world!! hope Oliver had a great time with his dad at work :) awesome!! xoxo

Sally said...

Looks like your men had a great day!