Monday, April 8, 2013

Treasure Hunt in New Mexico

Have you heard about the treasure an art collector hid? Forrest Fenn wrote a memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, and a poem with 9 clues to lead people to a treasure chest full of gold. My husband and I went with some friends down to New Mexico for the weekend to try our hand at treasure hunting. Of course, we didn't actually find any treasure, but we had a lot of fun! Our weekend getaway was very inexpensive. Everyone split gas for the 5 hour drive down to the Taos area. We stayed at a campground in the Rio Grande Gorge State Park for $7, and all of the hiking and soaking in the hot springs was free. It was an amazing adventure, and I felt like it's something we never would have done if we hadn't heard about this hidden treasure chest.

The kids stayed with my parents while we were away. The kids were wonderful for them, and Jo decided to take up walking full-time. It feels really good to know Andrew and I can sometimes take a weekend, and the kids will be just fine :)

I blogged about our adventures in New Mexico. You can read about them and some of the treasure clues we tried to decipher here:

Just a few photos of our trip:

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