Thursday, May 23, 2013

a SUMMER bucket list!

How perfect is it that this just popped up from Melissa & Doug on Pinterest? I just made my first bucket list earlier this week!

They recommend making a summer bucket list. Write down all of the things you want to do this summer!

I recommend not making it too long; after all, you want to be able to complete it over these next three months. I've created a summer bucket list for my family. It includes all of the things I want to do this summer, even if we've done them in the past.

* Watch a fireworks display on the Fourth of July.
* Bake a berry stars & stripes cake with Oliver.
* Run through the sprinklers.
* Go to a splash park.
* Play in the "creek" at the Children's Mordecai Gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
* Watch our first parade.
* Ride the outdoor train at Belleview Park.
* Visit a petting zoo.
* Take the kids for a swim.
* Have a real outdoor picnic on the grass with a picnic basket.
* Watch a sunrise.
* Go for a hike in the mountains.
* Go on a road trip.
* Go out for an ice cream cone, and eat it outside!
* Make our own ice cream, and let Oliver choose the flavor.
* Pick and eat vegetables out of the garden we're growing at Grandma Judy's house.
* Eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine at Aunt Bonnie & Uncle George's house.
* Throw water balloons.
* Go tent camping overnight.
* Look at stars in the sky.
* Visit Andrew at work for lunch.
* Take the train downtown to visit Grandpa Larry for lunch.
* Go to the Fireman's Museum.
* Use sidewalk chalk.
* Blow bubbles.
* Take Father's Day photos with the letters that spell out "DAD" again.


Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

Great list! Making ice cream sounds like the perfect yummy Summer activity!

whirledpeas1129 said...

Thanks! We just made some tonight by shaking it in a bag. It actually worked! The post will be up tomorrow morning.