Thursday, May 9, 2013

Almost Funfetti Cake Pops

Oliver was nice to all the kids at the park a few days ago, so Dad took him to the store and bought him cake pop kit! These poor kids have had it rough the last couple weeks. There have been many long hours of us working while the kids are left to play in their room. I feel awful about it, but the work is almost done (now we just need to get carpet installed...).

This morning, I told Oliver it was time to make them. He got so excited!

Oliver got to do the mixing. There's not that much cake, so it only bakes about 12 minutes. As it baked, Jo checked out the batter in the bowl. She even got a little taste and let me know it was pretty good stuff.

After it came out of the oven, we let it cool. Oliver then broke up all the cake with his fingers.

He mixed it with the frosting, and then I formed it into tight balls. We dipped the cake pop sticks in the melted chocolate and stuck them into the cake balls. Most of the cake balls held up for this part. Two broke a bit, and I had to use my hands to really mash them together over the stick.

After the cake pops cooled for a full half hour, we pulled them out of the fridge. I told Oliver that I'd dip them in the melted white chocolate, and he could put the sprinkles on. The cake pops did not hold up to dipping. Not even a little bit. After the second one bit the dust, I just spooned the melted white chocolate on. That ended up using too much white chocolate, and we started to run out near the end. I only lightly topped the last few with chocolate to stretch it out.

Of the 12 cake pops we made, four broke off. I used white chocolate to sort of mash them back together. They look like turds.

I poked holes into the box to hold up our pops. Pillsbury should totally do this as part of their kit.

It was still fun. I would definitely make these again with Oliver. He loved it!

The down-side to these were 1) they make a huge mess, 2) they take a long time, and 3) are very unpredictable. I would never make them for a birthday party or gathering just because there would be so much waste to get a few good quality ones. When we make them again, I might try freezing the cake pops solid before dipping.

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