Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Steps in Potty Training

Joanna is making definite progress with her potty training, but it is a long process. She now actively tries to pee when we put her on the potty. I took a tip I read online, and we now set a potty timer every 10 minutes once it is close to when she needs to go. Oliver loves setting the potty timer!

She still has lots of accidents. It's as if she realizes she is supposed to be on the potty but doesn't understand she's not supposed to pee everywhere else! All I do is tell her pee-pee is supposed to go in the potty. After an accident, I'll put her back on the potty, and she will usually squeeze out a little more and cheer.

So, we are still having regular accidents but also more regular successes! I'd say she has two accidents a day and two successful potty attempts a day. She is most definitely not trained yet, but it's good to see progress. We'll just keep it up and hope she continues progressing. It's been almost two weeks now!

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