Friday, August 16, 2013

There are No Tie-Up Shoes for Kids

Oliver has finally outgrown his size 7 shoes. He has sandals that still fit him, but those won't do for long! Last week, I took him to Target to pick out some shoes. The only requirements I had were that they were comfortable, fit well, and could lace-up. He's going to be 4, and I figured that's a good age to teach him to tie shoes.


Apparently, the retail market doesn't agree with me. I took him to Target. Most of the shoes were sold out in his size (back to school and all). It struck me as odd that I didn't see any tie-up shoes on display, though. All of the shoes were either velcro, no-lace, or fake laces (elastic bands that look like laces).

I went online to Target after I got back. I am not lying when I say there are *no* toddler boy's shoes that tie-up. I went to the kid's shoes just to see. Would you believe there was only one pair? They were uncomfortable-looking oxfords. Does that seem weird to other parents? Not only can toddlers not get lace-up shoes, but neither can kids? I went to Old Navy's website and Babies R Us website. I found one or two pairs of dress shoes that laced up, but no sneakers.

OK, I then figured was the way to go. They sell lots of brands! They couldn't fail me! Right? Wrong! Unless I wanted to spend $100 on a pair of Air Jordans, I couldn't get Oliver lace-up shoes there either. What the heck!?

Frustrated, I sought out other parents' opinions on Facebook. I had 3 friends reply, and they all complained about the same thing. One said she never found her kids lace-up shoes, so she made a toy shoe by punching holes in a box for them to learn on. Another said she had to finally go to a sporting goods store and spend good money on a pair of basketball shoes to get some that would tie up. Another said her son didn't get to learn how to tie his shoes until almost seven years old because he never had tie-up shoes, in spite of her wanting them for him.

I thought I was going to have to go to a sporting goods store, as my friend had, but I decided to check a few more places before resigning myself to that costly fate. I finally found a pair at JC Penney. They have cute Chuck Taylors with real laces. The laces look very short, and the photos shoe the laces knotted at the sides instead of tied. They're also listed as "slip on," which has me a little worried. I might have to cut off the short laces and make a stop at a shoe store to pick up extra laces, but at least they will work!

Jiminy! Finding a pair of lace-up shoes was all but impossible! Have any of you gone through this? Did you give up? Break the bank?


Kate said...

Hi I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm a mom of two and my three year old is really rough on shoes so I wanted tie shoes as well. I did the exact searches you did. Looked forever online and finally saw a pair in Walmart one day by accident. They actually have held up and the laces are really long.

Laura R said...

yep! Walmart!!! A buddy made fun of me for buying lace-ups by 3 year old has such skinny feet they work best!

Anonymous said...

Try Stride Rite? A bit pricey but most under %50