Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ollie's OK!

Last night at 5pm, I was changing Oliver's diaper and was horrified to find spots of blood in it. I cursed myself for not changing his diaper a few minutes earlier before the doctor's office closed, and then I called the office to get the after hour's number.

Dr. Drexelius was very kind. He told me not to panic. Although he advised me to take Ollie to a hospital that evening, he said I don't have to rush straight there. I thanked him and started gathering up Ollie's things as Andrew drove home to pick us up. Even though I felt reassured after talking to the doctor, I couldn't help but break down a few times while waiting for Andrew to make the snowy drive home.

We went to Children's Hospital, armed with his bloody diaper. The doctors there were so kind (Yes, plural. They had us see two doctors to get two opinions. I was very pleased with that). The first doctor found what she thought to be a small tear at the entrance of his anus. She said it's possible the tear bled during a forceful pooh. The second doctor came in, and he looked at the tear. He also thought the tear could possibly have caused the blood, but he said, if that wasn't the culprit, then Oliver is most likely allergic to bovine proteins (which he would get from me consuming dairy products).

At first, he suggested to me that I cut out dairy now just in case. I explained to him my concern with my protein intake, since dairy and soy are a major staple in my diet. He listened to me and conferred with the other doctor. They ended up recommending that Andrew and I clean Oliver with water at diaper changes to let his cut heal. In a few days, if there's still blood, then I need to stop consuming dairy and speak to my doctor about my diet to make sure I'm getting enough protein.

I felt so much better after leaving the hospital, and--good news--Oliver's had no more bloody diapers! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the problem was just the small tear, and hopefully it'll heal quickly and not cause him any pain.

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