Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What to Expect with Mirena and Delivery

I went to the doctor and got Mirena today. While I still feel optimistic about it, I'm having some unforseen side effects. First, my lower back hurts. I thought it was something I'd done until my mom asked me if it couldn't be a side effect from the IUD. So, like any computer savvy person, I went online. I read that lower back pain is a potential side effect, and it can last for the first few days or even weeks after insertion. Hopefully, it'll go away soon because it's already made it difficult to hold the baby for any length of time.

The other side effect is that I'm being poked by the strings occassionally. It feels like a sudden poke with a needle, and it fades just as quickly. Still, it's such a shock each time, I almost yelp aloud.

My plan is to call my doctor tomorrow. I read online that the strings soften over time (in one forum I read, the woman said her doctor told her 3 weeks to a month), but I'm hoping she can trim them a little shorter so that I (hopefully) won't have to deal with the stabbing feeling any more.

I have to be honest, though. It's very difficult dealing with pain and complications healing from delivery and now the IUD. Before having my baby, I'd heard some horror stories of women delivering babies, but I'd never heard the stories of women who had difficulty healing afterwards. It really is awful. It'll be two months tomorrow, and it still hurts for me to sit, go to the bathroom, or ride in a car. The chronic pain occassionally effects my emotinal well-being, too. It truly depresses me when I can't sit long enough to nurse the baby or that I can't do things I love, like run or be with my husband. Looking back, I wish so badly I'd had a C-section because at least I'd be healed by now and the pain would be in my abdomen and not where I sit.

I read a few blogs online from women who also had a hard time healing after their deliveries. Many said they were in pain for three to four months. I didn't read anything from anyone that said it took any longer than that, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! At this point, then, I guess I'm half way there. Things certainly are improving (I don't have to take ibuprofin every day anymore, and I don't cry when I drive), but they're still not OK.

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Samantha said...

There was a time after having Charlie (I did labor and then a c-section), when I looked at my sister-in-law, cried, and just asked when I'd feel NORMAL again. It takes time, your body goes through a lot during this time...it will get better! I promise!!!