Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two Months Old!

Oliver is two months old today! His doctor's appointment isn't until next week, but I guesstimate he's 25 inches long and 14.5 pounds.

He continues to sleep well at night, usually from 8pm to 6am, waking up once for a feeding around 2am. He still struggles with naps, but we're working on that. Around noon every day, I lay with him in bed and nurse him to sleep. An hour later, I slip away. He'll sleep on his own like that for a half hour or up to three hours before waking up and realizing he's alone. If he doesn't nap well, he'll continue to doze off and on in my arms throughout the afternoon.

Ollie has also been drooling a *lot* and likes to chew on his teething ring, making me wonder if his first teeth won't appear soon. Also a big change this month has been his babbling! He "talks" to us whenever he's happy. My favorite is when he pulls his knees to his chest, coos, and starts chatting away.

Ollie's Likes:
Being carried facing outward
The stove vent
Getting his diaper changed
His monkey teething ring
His duck rattle
His bouncy chair
His play mat
Car rides (as long as we don't stop!)
Playing "Hands and Feet"
Getting pat on the back
Bright lights
Sucking his hands
Bed time
His reflection

Being set down
Tummy time
Whenever whoever is holding him sits down. Keep moving, he demands!
Red traffic lights (why aren't we moving?!)
Waiting to eat
Wet diapers

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