Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Growing Up

It seems like a lot has changed with Oliver in a short amount of time recently. I can't believe the changes from a few weeks ago. First, he started napping for longer periods of time about a week ago (he usually gets in one 2 hour nap a day and one hour long nap a day). Second, we put him to bed awake at night (sleepy, but definitely very awake), and he goes to sleep on his own. As noted in my previous blog, he even slept through the night last night without getting up to eat (although he woke up an hour earlier than what is normal for him).

Also, Oliver has started to sit up really well this week. Just yesterday, he sat on his own for at least five minutes before falling over. Then, I had his butt against my leg, and he played sitting up that way for about half an hour before I picked him up to take him for a walk with my mom.

It's so amazing! He's turning into such a capable baby. I think these are some of the first sign of what lays ahead for him and us, and I'm so excited! To think, in another month or so, he's going to be crawling and pulling himself up into a sit! I wonder if I'll be updating those milestones for his 8 month old update?


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