Sunday, June 6, 2010

In the Year 2100...

Last night, Andrew pointed out to me that, if Oliver lives a few months past his 90th birthday, he'll see the year 2100. That blew my mind! I realized I can't fathom the changes he'll see over his lifetime. In the 20th century, people saw the invention of the automobile and the airplane. I can't imagine not having those modes of transportation! I know the lightbulb was a 19th century invention, but it's kind of crazy how recent in our history we didn't have lightbulbs. Further, in the 20th century, the television was invented (no color TV for my dad as a kid!), as was the pager, the car phone, and the cell phone. Video games were born as well as computers and internet.

I think back to how different life was just a hundred years ago. Then I try to fathom the changes we'll see from 2000 to 2100. I don't have the mind of an inventor because I don't have a clue what all will be done in the recent future, but I'm excited for Oliver to see and experience it all. I'm also looking forward to starting sentences with, "When I was your age..."

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