Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Do You Say? My Baby is 8 Months Old Today!

Oliver is 2/3 of the way through his first year! I am loving being his mom, and my "job" just keeps getting easier and more fun. I'm starting to wonder when it's going to start getting more challenging again, but I try not to worry too much.

My Ollie Bear still isn't crawling and doesn't even try to very often anymore. I hope it'll be like his standing (which he learned to do while holding onto furniture this month), where he's not interested in it at all but then, suddenly, is able to do it and likes it. Oliver loves standing and playing upright. He's not as happy on the floor, but he'll play that way for a short while and roll around a bit.

His babbling is getting more intense and frequent. I can often be found near him, giggling to myself, listening to him talk to himself, his toys, or his daddy. He's just as curious as ever; he examines all his toys very carefully--flipping the, turning them, banging them, etc. He also examines his own fingers and toes a lot.

Oliver's not as interested in eating as he once was. When I hand him his spoonfuls of food, he plays with it instead of eating it. As a result, I'm now feeding him myself again. He continues to excel with finger foods (toast soldiers and Cheerios, mostly).

Taking Oliver out and about is easy. He still hasn't flipped out in public at all, which is amazing. He likes watching people walk by, especially if they have dogs. Speaking of dogs, Oliver hates all loud sounds except for dog barks, which he loves. Maybe that was a last gift from Bailey. But, yes, Oliver hates loud noises. He hates it when people talk loudly or laugh loudly (he starts crying), and he hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner and food processor (he starts screaming, afraid of it).

His sleeping continues to improve. He now completely understands that we're still around, even if we're not in the same room. When we wakes up, he starts babbling and cooing, which lets us know he's awake, as opposed to crying from his crib until we get to his side. He slept through the night 5 times last month. Most nights, he still gets up for a feeding, but almost always just once, and it's around 3am now (as opposed to 1am, which was killer for me). His naps are frequently longer. More and more often, he'll nap for an hour and a half, as opposed to the 40-minute ones he was famous for.

Oliver had his first camping trip this month (, and he generally gets out of the house with me daily. At the very least, I take him for a walk to the mailbox or out back to examine the trees and flowers (though he's not a fan of grass).

My baby still doesn't like being alone, but he tolerates it long enough for me to do things like take a quick shower or run downstairs to start/switch out the laundry. If I'm gone for more than about 3 minutes, he starts crying, but it's a half-hearted cry. He's also content (most of the time) to play by himself with me with him as opposed to me always playing with him. He'll sit in my lap and play with his toys, or he'll sit at my feet and chew his books (like right now). That's such a change from even a month ago where he needed constant attention from me. Don't worry; he still gets lots of my focus and attention, but it's just nice to be able to do something (like organize my coupons or flip through grocery ads) without him getting mad.

Finally, Oliver's attachment to me has gotten a lot stronger. He's happy to play with other people now like Andrew, my parents, and Andrew's parents, but as soon as he sees me in the room, he cries until I come to him and pick him up. If he doesn't see me, though, he's happy to keep on playing with other people.

Oliver's likes:

*Looking at lights and ceiling fans
*His indestructible books
*His toy shovel
*His toothbrush
*Daddy (as long as Mommy's not around!)
*Jewelry (especially watches)
*His toy duck
*The camera
*Slapping the table with his hands
*Banging two toys together
*The washing machine
*Textures (he loves to scratch different fabrics and the carpet)
*Touching people's faces
*Drinking from a cup (if I'm drinking something, he tries to grab it out of my hands!)

Oliver's dislikes:*The vacuum cleaner (as soon as I turn it on, he cries)
*The food processor
*Laughter (no laughing, people!)
*Getting a new diaper put on, especially a disposable (Does this mean he'll potty train early? I hope so!)
*Having a poopy in his diaper. He wants us to change it right away!
*Wearing his sun hat

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