Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oliver vs The Cow

After waiting a couple months, I decided to give some dairy to Oliver to see if he has overcome the allergy yet. As posted previously, most children outgrow a cow's milk allergy by age 1 or 2. I guess the large protein structure of cow's milk is very bothersome to infants' digestive systems, and it causes intestinal bleeding and shedding in some babies.

I learned that Oliver has not outgrown the allergy. Poor guy. For lunch on Tuesday, I have him some baby banana yogurt (he loves it!), and on Wednesday night, he had an eczema-like rash all over his stomach. He keeps scratching at it and hasn't been sleeping well, either. Specifically, he's getting up about once every 3 hours at night.

Last night, I decided to give Oliver a bleach bath. No, I'm not crazy. http://

I put about a quarter cup of bleach in his tub, and I sat him in there for about 5 minutes. It appeared he got itch relief from the bath, but the rash remains.

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colleen.shattuck said...

how about an oatmeal bath?