Friday, August 6, 2010

Play Time with Oliver

Oliver's having a fun time learning "in" and "out." At Andrew's parents' house, where we're housesitting this week, there's a plastic box with about a dozen matching blocks. Oliver enjoys placing them either inside or outside the box to hear me shout, "In!" or "Out!"

He's also started handing me blocks when I ask for them, even if they're not in his hand. I'll ask, "Oliver, may I have a block?" and he'll grab one and either hand it to me or toss it when his hand gets close to mine. He does the same thing when he's feeding me his Cheerios. Sometimes, he puts them in my mouth. Other times, he lets go as soon as his hand is close to my mouth. It's pretty cute.

I've tried working on imaginitive play with him. I pretend to feed his stuffed animals his Cheerios and baby food. He used to not be interested at all, but now he smiles a little... sometimes.

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