Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oliver and I both have colds. They're not especially bad, I don't think, but--speaking for myself--it's enough to be miserable. It's 3:30am, and I can't sleep because of my stuffed-up nose and sore throat. At the moment, I'm scratching my neck and my scalp, and I recall a conversation with my mom from yesterday. She's also sick, and she told me that she's itchy. I didn't have that symptom until right now. One moment while I scratch my tummy.

Yesterday, I was too exhausted from sick to do much of anything. I laid on the floor and let Oliver crawl all over me and play in his nursery. He was such a good little boy. My fever came and went. I suspected Oliver was fighting off the virus, too, because he wanted to nurse nonstop. Although he'd been eating better all week, he didn't want solids (well, OK, he ate some Cheerios). It was late in the afternoon when he first came down with a fever (99.2 by the ear). He skipped his second nap.

Oliver had a very minor cold this winter. This is the first time he's been sick enough to have a fever. I feel very grateful that it's still a relatively minor illness. That is, I'm glad he has a head cold and not the flu or something.

Other than nurse him and give him plenty of fluids, I'm not really sure how to make him feel better. We don't have runny noses yet (just stuffy), so there's nothing to suck out with the aspirator. I play "Follow the Leader" with him to get him to clear his throat because, really, the nastiest part of this (for me, anyway) is the post-nasal drip/sore throat. Of course, he's getting lots of cuddles and love. So far, we haven't given him any infant Tylenol. I want him to keep a slight fever to help beat the virus. As soon as his temperature approaches 100, though, I have the Tylenol ready.

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