Monday, September 13, 2010

Oliver & Owen

My neighbor, Shawna, has a 7 month old baby, Owen. She's decided to go back to work so her family can move into a larger home. I agreed to watch Owen a few days a week for up to a couple of months while she gets other arrangements made.

Today is my first day watching him, and (so far) it's a lot of fun! I really like seeing the differences in the boys' personalities. It's exhausting, for sure, but not as difficult as I feared. Oliver and Owen went down for a nap at about the same time (Owen put himself to sleep!). I was very grateful for the 20 minute break. Owen, however, is already awake. He seems very happy to be on my lap, bounced, and sung to.

My only concern at the moment is that Oliver and Owen are both just geting over a virus. I really hope they had the same thing because, otherwise, I think they'll both get sick again. They keep chomping on each other's toys and touching each other's hands. I'll feel really bad for them both if they go straight from one cold/flu to another.

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