Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oliver's Diet

What does a toddler eat? On a good day, Oliver eats almost everything I put in front of him; on a bad day, I struggle to convince him to eat a few bites of something before he refuses it.

Yesterday, I decided to keep track of what Oliver ate. If a mom is reading this blog, it gives her a look at what another toddler is eating (quantitatively and qualitatively) in a day. For me, it will be a good reference if I ever have another baby.

Yesterday, he happened to eat pretty well. This is not always the case. My main goal is for his "good" eating days to balance out his "bad" eating days.

6am - Oliver ate about 2/3 of the banana I'd chopped for him, and he drank a few ounces of water.

8am - Oliver ate a frozen Nutra Grain blueberry waffle with about a dozen blueberries on the side and a few more ounces of water (yes, I gave him the waffle frozen--one of his molars is coming in)

10:30am - I made Oliver a "scramble" using 1 egg, 2/3 of a diced turkey dog, 1 diced olive, 2 diced broccoli florets, 1/4 slice of American cheese, and about a tablespoon of diced zucchini. I cooked it in a small pad of butter, and he ate about half of it. He also drank a few ounces of whole milk (organic and fortified with DHA) as well as one diced strawberry.

1pm - I made Oliver fish sticks. He ate two bites and refused any more. He drank some milk and ate a small amount of Cheerios and blueberries.

3:30pm - Oliver ate two Nutra Grain blueberry waffles and drank some water

5pm - I boiled some pasta wheels for Oliver. I rinsed them in cold water and then tossed them in half a container of green bean baby food for the sauce. He loved it and ate about half of it.

7am - Oliver drank some warm milk before bed

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