Thursday, February 10, 2011

Righty Tighty; Lefty Loosey (Part 2)

Oliver's always had great dexterity. When he was a week old, I mentioned to the doctor that he liked gnawing and sucking his hand. The doctor told me that, if Oliver gets his hands to his mouth, it's a lucky accident. We took a video (which we lost when we switched computers) of Oliver during tummy time that showed him pinning down his hand so he could suck it without it moving. He sucked on his hand (not his thumb) a lot by one week old. By three months old, he was able to reach directly for an object (no sweeping motions) and grab it. He'd grab all his dangling toys without a problem. Again, the doctor told me he is too young to do that; Oliver proved him wrong by reaching out and grabbing his stethoscope. Before six months old, he was pulling off his socks.

Then, by ten months old, Oliver started unscrewing things. This isn't supposed to happen until a child is nearly two years old. At ten months, he didn't do it often, but he did it. Sometimes, he'd unscrew his sippy cup. Sometimes, he'd unscrew shampoo bottles. It would take him a long time to get it right, but he'd work and work and work at it. Starting about two months ago, he'd want to practice screwing and unscrewing lids all the time. By now, he's mastered it. Here's a video of Oliver showing off his skills.

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Carol McCarty said...

All this time I never knew that "righty tighty" meant use your right hand and "lefty loosey" meant to use the left hand. That Oliver is so smart!
Love you! Aunt Carol