Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oliver's First "Time Out"

Oliver was put in his first "time out" today. Andrew was busy working on the bathroom upstairs (pulling out the old toilet and tearing out the floor).

Oliver and I were in the kitchen, and I was shelling pistachios for biscotti. He wanted some, but, obviously, couldn't have them (choking hazard!). I grabbed the bag of Goldfish crackers and handed them to him. He reached in to eat a few before dumping the entire bag on the floor. He's fifteen months old, so that's not a big surprise. I looked around at the floor and sighed, "Oh, Ollie!"

So, I grabbed a large tupperware and started picking them up. I told Oliver, "In!" because he understands its meaning. He started putting all the Goldfish into the tupperare. Then, just as we were nearly done, he grabbed a handful and flung the crackers! I said, "No, we don't throw food." He took another handful and threw it, too! I looked at him sternly, tapped his hand with my finger (not hard, of course, as it wasn't to hurt him--I'm against corporal punishment) to make sure he was listening to me, and I said, "No!" Oliver looked right at me and threw more crackers. I couldn't believe it. I was so stunned, shocked, appalled, and humored all at the same time.

I picked Oliver up and told him, "I said, 'no,' and now you're getting a 'time out!'" I stood him in the corner, and I stood behind him holding him into a stand (as he wanted to sit down to crawl away). I counted to sixty (I once read that a "time out" should be one minute for every year old that your child is). He cried the entire time because he was so confused! Afterwards, I took him back to the crackers, gave him one to eat, and I played "Super Nanny." I told Oliver, "You had 'time out' because you threw crackers after I told you, 'no.'" Then I kissed him, I told him that I loved him, and reminded him that even good boys get into trouble sometimes. He ate a few crackers, helped me pick up the rest, and even put the lid on the tupperware for me.

What a good boy! I'm glad I don't have to punish him often because it's so difficult to do!

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