Thursday, June 30, 2011

20 Months

Happy 20 months to my little guy! Four more months to go until his second birthday. I can hardly believe it!

I only intend to do a quick update here. Oliver's still excelling at letters and play. He's also learning to love bath time, when he used to really hate it. He's constantly on the move and doesn't stay at one activity for long. He finally likes the outdoors, and we go out every day if only to explore (but we usually blow bubbles and practice playing catch, which he is getting pretty good at).

On the down side, his eating habits are getting much pickier. I leave food out for him regularly because he doesn't like to sit down and eat whole meals (we still insist he sits for dinner, although he usually freaks out during dinner time). Oliver also doesn't enjoy being in the car for more than 15 minutes or so (he never really has, but I think he's getting more upset about it now, like he used to). His sleep is also getting to be difficult again. He will scream and fight going to bed, even if he's been awake for 8 hours or more. He's also not patient enough to clean up after his messes anymore. Once he's done pulling out one toy/activity, he's on to the next! The house is scattered with toys. I can't keep up!

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