Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oliver and Letters

Oliver's really coming along with his alphabet (or "letters," as we tell him). He officially can recognize and say the following letters: S, R, G, O and I. Oliver has also done pretty well with the letter C, but he calls it the same thing as S (sss). I think he knows they're two different letters, but I don't show him C very often because I don't want him to get confused. He recognizes them whether they're his magnetic letters, puzzle letters, or written on his chalk board. We only use capital letters, though.

Here's how he says each letter:
S - ssssss
R - UGH! (he grunts it out)
G - guh
O - oh
I - eh
C - sssss

I tried to get a video of him saying them a few minutes ago, but it's too close to his nap time, and he wasn't interested. I'll try again after his nap and lunch :)

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