Thursday, September 22, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 48: Wash the Dishes

There are blogs and articles and books that all recommend today's activity for toddlers: Wash the Dishes. It makes sense. Kids love water, and kids love mimicking their parents. I expected today's activity to easily earn an A grade.

I put a few drops of soap into a large bowl (just enough to create some bubbles) and added water. Then, I placed that bowl onto a couple towels to (hopefully) catch most of the splashes. I pulled out a new sponge and gathered up a few pieces of tupperware. I tossed in Oliver's Lego dog, too.

Oliver watched me as I demonstrated how to use the bowl of water to wash the dishes. I used the sponge, and then I grabbed an extra towel to dry the dishes. Oliver was definitely interested, and he quickly began washing the dishes, just as I'd done:

Oliver seemed to enjoy it...
...for about three minutes. He left to go play with the pasta. I was able to convince him to come back, but he only dunked his toy dog a couple more times before running off again.

I asked Oliver if he was all done. He answered yes, so I got everything cleaned up. It wasn't too much work, but for less than five minutes of fun, I felt like it wasn't worth it. Fast forward a few more minutes, and Oliver is whining and pulling the bowl and tupperware back out of the cabinets. So, I set everything up again. Oliver played for maybe another minute before running off again. I'm currently updating this blog, and the bowl of water is just sitting there, unused.

It might be worth it for other parents to try out this activity because it sounds like something a lot of kids would love. However, based on my experience, I'm giving "Wash the Dishes" a C- because my toddler didn't enjoy it very much, and it required time to set up and clean up afterwards.

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