Friday, September 30, 2011

23 Months

Here's a quick update on Oliver before next month's two year mark! As of a couple weeks ago, he officially knows all of his (capital) letters. He can say them all fairly well (even W!) except for K and Q. I think it's interesting he can't make that sound yet, but he'll get it. I've started exposing him to lower-case letters, but I don't want to overwhelm or confuse him.

Oliver also counts to three. Also, he's started to take off his own pants to go to the potty, although he's not always able to do it. He can't do it at all with jeans that require unbuttoning and unzipping first.

Unfortunately, he's had another first today: a stomach bug! The vomiting hasn't been that bad (only two episodes, and one was with nothing in his stomach), but he's obviously miserable and not feeling well. My usually happy man is quite crabby today. However, I've gotten extra snuggles, and he's currently doing a marathon (2+ hour) nap! This might sound bad, but I'm actually glad he's sick now and not in another month when our baby arrives. Let's get all the illnesses for the next three months out of the way now!

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