Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oliver's First Music Class (Again)

Oliver had his first music class today! That's kind of a lie. He's taken music class once before, but that was last winter (March - April). Today was his first music class since then.

Now that Oliver's older, music class doesn't conflict with his nap schedule. It starts at 9:30am now, and Oliver doesn't nap until 11:30am. So, that's good. I wish I could say that this first music class was a lot better than the last time, but that was not the case. Oliver confidently walked with me from the car to the rec center. I'd let him know there would be music and kids, and he sounded excited. However, just as we were about to step into the room, Oliver freaked out. He yelled, "No!" When I tried to tell him it was OK, he just threw himself to the floor.

I had a talk with Oliver about the class again. I told him there were kids and music, but crying isn't allowed. Then, I picked him up and carried him to the doorway and let him watch for a little bit. Then, I took him inside. He kept saying, "No," the entire time, and I felt bad. But, I tried to stay confident, and I took off his shoes and our jackets. I let him watch the kids for a while, and then we took a seat on the carpet. All of the other kids (like last time) were running around and playing. Oliver was too scared, but he did watch them.

When music class started, the teacher took out the guitar. Oliver was upset about this and started to cry. Thankfully, it only lasted a minute or so, and then we were on to the next activity (remember, this is the ADD music class!). He loved the activities where we danced and paused or danced and dipped. As soon as he'd get into it and start having fun, the activity was over.

Not all of the kids were very well behaved. One little guy liked to throw things--anything. Another little one liked to hit walls and windows with his instruments. I was glad I don't have to deal with those behaviors from Oliver, but I also wished he wasn't the only kid who wouldn't play the drums and maracas. He didn't for any of his classes last time, and he didn't this time, either.

Class is 45 minutes long. By the end, he was socializing a little more. During the maraca song (second from the last), he enjoyed walking up to each kid and touching his maraca to theirs. He also enjoyed clean-up and liked to put all the instruments away for the teacher.

In all, it wasn't the worst experience ever, but it definitely wasn't fun yet. Oliver spent a lot of the time whining and saying, "No," and telling the teacher to turn the music "off!" I can't help but feel discouraged when he buries himself into my lap as all the other kids drum on their drums. Still, I remind myself that this is why Oliver's in music class. He's there to get comfortable around kids and get more socialization. It's tough at first, but I hope it pays off.

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