Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 Month Old Jo

Joanna has done some growing up this month. She's starting to act a little more like a toddler and a little less like a babe. It tugs at my heart strings to see how quickly she's growing, but I also enjoy some of her independence.

After we put them in the same room at night, Oliver and Jo woke each other up regularly. That seems to have settled down now. Jo regularly sleeps through the night from about 8pm to 6:30am. She'll occasionally get up once around 4am, but we just let her fuss and whine for about 15 or 20 minutes, and she goes back to sleep.

She's still at the cusp of wanting just one nap a day. She wants to nap around 10am daily, and that's awkward because she wakes up at 11:30am. It's hard for her to make it all the way to bed time, but she's not ready for another nap until evening. Hopefully, she'll get the one-nap-a-day thing figured out soon!

We've recently started working with Jo to eat more solid foods. Instead of just Cheerios and Puffs as finger foods, I now grate and steam thin pieces of carrot for her (until it's soft). I also scramble egg yolks for her, and, when the cool off, I break the eggs into bite size pieces and let her eat them like finger foods. We're working a little bit on biting off pieces of larger food items. She'll take little bites of strawberries, although I have to be supervising her so she doesn't shove the whole berry in her mouth. She also eats Mum-Mums by herself.

Weaning is going OK. She nurses when she wakes up and before bed, as well as one to two times during the day. She has a cold right now, so she's frequently nursing twice during the day. Once she's over her cold, I'm going to cut out the middle of the day nursings. She sips water from a drinking cup while I hold it, and she is able to drink from a sippy cup by herself. I pull the little plastic piece out that is supposed to prevent spills because I want her to learn to drink and not suck.

Joanna is crawling all over the place. She stands while holding onto things but has no fear of falling. She simply lets go when she's done and gets mad if she falls too hard. She'll learn to drop safely to a sit soon, right? Joanna is working on pulling to a stand, but, so far, she just pulls up onto her knees.

She still loves mimicking. She's also responding well to some words. She understands a number of words I say, including Jo, stand, milk, more, nose, hi, and Oliver. Of course, she's not saying words of her own yet, but she lets us know how she's feeling. When she's upset, she babbles to us about all her grievances. When Oliver takes a toy from her, she lets our piercing squeals. When she's happy, she coos and grabs our faces.

At 10 months old, here is a list of Jo's likes and dislikes:

*Oliver's music videos
*The bathroom
*Lego Duplo blocks
*The flashlight
*Grabbing yarn when Mommy knits
*Fleece jammies
*Oliver's Guess Who, Abby? Sesame Street book

*Being put down on the floor
*The car seat
*When Oliver takes her toys away

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