Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garden Bounty

Vegetables are growing, and fruit is ripening in Oliver's garden at Grandma Judy and Grandpa Larry's house.   Two and a half weeks ago, the first pairs were ready for picking. Oliver had the time of his life picking pears!

We ate our fill, and then I made spiced pear jam.

The weekend before last, we picked even more! Oliver and Jo both enjoyed fresh pairs, and I made a cranberry pear crisp with what was left. The pumpkin vine has gone crazy, and, now, the first pumpkins are starting to grow.

This past weekend, we went to visit Andrew's great-aunt and -uncle. I love their house because we can sit on their sun porch and watch Oliver roam the fenced-in yard.

George's garden was full of ripe veggies! Oliver delighted in the fact that he could just pick tomatoes off the plant and pop them into his mouth. No exaggeration, he ate two to three dozen cherry tomatoes.

And the zucchini! I can't forget to mention the zucchini Oliver picked with his Great-Great-Uncle George. Check out the size of this this thing!

We took the monster zucchini and a load of cherry tomatoes home with us. Andrew immediately got to work making salsa with the tomatoes by blending them in the food processor with a few garlic cloves, chopped onion and green pepper, some jarred roasted red peppers, Tabasco sauce, and some of my homemade corn relish. Home grown tomatoes have so much flavor, and the salsa was out of this world!

With the zucchini, I made some chocolate-cinnamon zucchini bread, and I made a vegetarian lasagna using thinly sliced strips of zucchini as a substitution for the noodles. How much fun it is to eat fruits and vegetables that you pick yourself! What's great is knowing that Oliver feels the same way. I'm glad I finally discovered a way to get Oliver to eat his fruit and vegetables--just have him eat them straight from the plant!

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