Monday, December 10, 2012

Pre-School Activity: Matching Shoes

After reading an organizational activity on Crafting Play, I felt inspired to come up with a similar activity. The mom was organizing her shoes. She printed photos of each pair to put on the front of her shoe boxes in order to locate them easily. Her toddler matched her shoes to the corresponding photos for her. It looked like something Oliver would enjoy!

I adapted the activity to our needs and made it a game. I decided to skip the photo printing and just have him match the shoes to each other.

I used one of my storage cubes and tossed six pairs of shoes in there.

In order to introduce Oliver to the game, I asked him to first select a shoe. When he had one in his hands, I asked him to find the other one.

When he grabbed the matching shoe, I cheered him on and told him he did a good job finding the pair. Pretty soon, he was matching up pairs as fast as he could grab them and lining them up.

Jo enjoyed grabbing the matched pairs and sticking them on her hands.

Oliver enjoyed finding the matching shoes. I think it's a good introduction to games. Oliver's going to get his first game for Christmas, so I think this might help him understand that games have some sort of objective to them.

What fun! Next, maybe I'll teach him to match socks. Now that would be helpful! ;-)


Crafting Play said...

So glad your game was a hit! Looks like they both had a great time. Thanks for the link!

whirledpeas1129 said...

And thank you for the great idea! Jo keeps picking up our shoes and sticking them on her hands now. Ha!