Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stomach Bug

There's a stomach bug going around, and everyone in my family caught it at once. There are no words to describe how awful it is to have your babies sick and be unable to care for them because you are also sick. It's been a terrible 24 hours, but I remind myself that we will one day look back on this and laugh. Somehow.

Joanna is totally pro. No joke, she just puked last night and slept on it. She never cried, and we didn't realize she'd been sick until morning. Oliver was really distraught over what was happening. At about 2am, he was crying for help. My husband couldn't move without throwing up, and I was dizzy, sore, and exhausted. I thought I could maybe make it to my son, but that there would be no way I could clean him up and change his sheets and calm him down. We called in reinforcements.

What can you say about someone who will wake up at 2am to drive to your house to take care of your puking, pooping kids? I don't know what to say except that my mother-in-law is a saint. She stayed with them right up until when she had to leave for work. Bless the woman, as I'm sure she went and saw patients with more poop and vomit.

My mom came and gave us some relief in the afternoon so we could lay down. She took over getting the laundry done and brought food that the kids could hopefully keep down. By evening, we were feeling somewhat better. Andrew's still pretty down and out, and Oliver is still dealing with tummy issues, but Joanna and I are able to eat and get around. I told Jo that the girls won this round of Stomach Bug 2012.

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