Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preschool Science: Melt Ice Cubes

The other day, Oliver and I decided to do a last minute science project. He loves the ice dispenser in his grandma & grandpa's fridge, and I tried to tell him that ice is just frozen water. So, we decided to experiment!

Please be aware that microwaves can create hot pockets in liquid. So, if you do this project with your preschooler, you will want to make sure you check the temperature and stir the ice water to prevent those really hot pockets from forming!

Step 1: Oliver got ice from the ice dispenser. So fun! We used crushed ice because it would melt faster (more surface area). 

Step 2: Oliver put the cup of ice in the microwave. He heated his ice for 30 seconds, and then he stirred it. There was already some water in the cup after 30 seconds!

We microwaved the ice three times at 30 seconds. After the third round, all of the ice melted.

Step 3: Drink!

Oliver was really excited that he "made" water. I considered refreezing it to show him how water can go back from liquid to solid. Ultimately, I decided he wouldn't have enough patience to wait for water to freeze, so we didn't perform that experiment.

For dinner, we boiled water for rice. Oliver likes to watch, and I pointed out the steam to him. I explained how the steam is water, too. It can be solid, liquid, or gas, depending on the temperature! I think he mostly just thought it was neat to use the ice dispenser and microwave, but he also seemed to grasp the concept that water gets solid and turns to ice when it's really cold.

I love preschool science!

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