Wednesday, July 10, 2013

RIP Box the Fox

Joanna has a very beloved stuffed animal. It's a fox sent to her by Uncle Andy & Aunt Erin for her first birthday. Since about April, they've been inseparable. Here are some pictures from the last month or so of Jo with her favorite friend:

We originally named the fox "Tod" after the Disney movie, "The Fox and the Hound." Joanna calls the fox "Box," so the name stuck. He is Box the Fox.

She has a habit of leaving Box in weird places. When she asks for Box, or when it is bed time, I often end up in a mad dash to find the fox. I've found it in the hamper, in the swing, in the high chair... just anywhere!

Well, today is officially the first time Box the Fox cannot be found. I have looked everywhere I can think of... even outside under bushes. I've dug through garbage, searched in cabinets, stuck my hand down vents... Box is gone. To me, it is extra heart-breaking because Box is the one consistent thing for Jo during all of the moves we've been doing. From our house to Grandpa Larry & Grandma Judy's house to Grandpa Paul & Grandma Colleen's house to our vacation in Utah and back to Grandpa Paul & Grandma Colleen's house, Box the Fox has always been there.

We ordered a new fox. The same kind is on sale at Jacob's Room for $5.43. So, I ordered the $5 fox, and then I paid $18 in shipping to get it here in two days! That is $18 shipping on a $5 animal... and part of me feels guilty about not spending the $50 to get it here tomorrow!

So, RIP Box the Fox. In two days, we will welcome Box 2.0.

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