Saturday, September 21, 2013

End Of Summer & Lunar Festival

Well, we didn't complete our bucket list this summer, but we gave it our best shot! We definitely kept busy and had fun, and the last month of summer was full of rain and clouds--my favorite weather. It was one of the best summers I've had in a long time!

Yesterday was also the moon cake/lunar festival! My friend gave me some moon cakes, so I saved them for last night. She said the moon is supposed to be the biggest of the year! The cloud cover we've had has its downside, and we couldn't see any stars and couldn't find the moon. The kids loved their moon cakes, though (especially Jo). Jo kept walking around with the box of panda-shaped moon cakes saying, "It's a moon cake!" and "roar!" and "It's a bear! Roar!"

We stayed up late--well, by our standards. We'd told the kids the moon cakes were for after we saw the moon. At about 8:30, we gave up and pulled up a picture of the moon on the internet. The kids finally went down to bed at 9pm. A couple of hours later, I ducked back outside and--would you know it?--the moon was out!

Today is the official last day of summer of 2013. I am looking forward to my favorite season: fall.

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