Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tea Party!

How cute of an idea is this? One of the moms in my MOMS Club decided to host a tea party for everybody. All the kids who came dressed up. I brought some Russian tea cookies, and another mom brought some homemade scones. The host brewed teas and iced them for the kids. It was hysterical! These little kids were dressed to the nines, sipping on iced tea, and eating little sweets on top of a plastic table cloth. Best little kid party ever!

Here is the recipe at for the cookies.

Here are Oliver & Jo, all dressed up for the tea party!

Jo was so happy to finally get to eat the cookies!

The tea party! (Thanks to the other moms for some of these photos)

I took a few extra photos of Jo's adorable fall dress when we got back. I'm so glad we had an excuse for her to wear it!

We're going to stay busy all week! One of the moms in MOMS Club pointed out that today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." She has a bunch of great ideas for the day, like walking the plank (a board on the ground), eating today's catch (Goldfish), and counting treasure (pennies!). We might try to do some of those things, but today is also Lunar Festival! My friend gave me some moon cakes that I saved especially for today. In parts of Asia where they use the Lunar Festival, today is sort of a fall celebration. My friend told me they eat moon cakes and go out to look at the moon and tell stories. We're going to do that and also look at stars (one of the items on my summer bucket list). 

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