Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Denver Firefighter's Museum

A few months ago, I purchased a deal on Living Social to go to the Denver Firefighter's Museum. I think the deal was $10 for 4 people, so it was really affordable. Plus, I'd never been!

The museum is exactly that: a museum. There are a number of exhibits to look at. Because we were with the kids, we really couldn't stop and appreciate all of them. It was neat seeing all of the old uniforms and equipment, though. Most of the stuff is hands-off, but they have special stations for kids to play that were marked with a fire dog. The main attraction was a firetruck. Kids got to dress up in a firefighter coat & helmet and climb on the truck. It sounds kind of petty, but it was nice that the clothes fit the kids. We've played with the truck at the Denver Children's Museum before, and the coats there are huge! Here, they fit the kiddos properly, and they could easily climb into and out of the truck. Unlike the Children's Museum, this truck didn't have lights and sirens, though.

There were a few other stations for kids to check out. One was an old firefighter's pole. Oliver wasn't too keen on trying it out. Both he and Jo really loved one of the areas upstairs. To teach stop, drop, and roll, they set mats down on the ground. The kids stuck felt flames to themselves, and then they rolled around on the mats until the flames came off. They had the best time rolling around on that mat!

I genuinely had a good time at this museum. It wasn't overwhelming and overstimulating for kids. It wasn't too busy, even though we'd gone on a Saturday. We spent an hour there and felt like we got to see and do everything, and we left feeling happy instead of worn out! I also ran into a friend from high school who was there to use her Living Social deal, too. Funny how those things work out! I'd definitely go back. For anyone interested in checking out the museum, they had a sign posted that their next free day is this upcoming Saturday, October 12.

Here's a video of Oliver practicing stop, drop, and roll!

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