Friday, October 25, 2013

Moove Kids' Dance Party in Littleton

We joined MOMS Club for a little dance party at Moove in Littleton! It's a new play place for kids. There's a big dance floor, and they lead kids through dances like The Hokey Pokey and Limbo!

When we arrived, Oliver and Joanna bee-lined it straight for the balls. They rolled them around the dance floor and bounced on them. They loved it! Oliver told me the place was "so pretty" because of all the lights.

In the back, they have a dark room lit up with black lights. The kids get to draw on the walls and floors in chalk. I think the chalk is supposed to glow under the black light, but it didn't really work. The kids still loved the novelty of writing on walls, though.

This is Oliver refusing to dance "The Funky Chicken," but he agreed to bounce to the song.

And then there was limbo! Limbo was hilarious. Oliver and the little kids just ducked under the bar instead of bending. He really had the best time! When we got home, he asked me to set up a bar for him, so I tied a piece of string across a doorway for him to play and duck under.

There was also plenty of food, in addition to some for purchase at reasonable prices. The older kids also enjoyed playing with a Kinect. A good time was had by all!

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