Thursday, May 19, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Coronado Park

We went to our sixth park in the Urbandale Parks challenge (26 more to go!). Coronado Park is in an open area surrounded by homes. It was quiet when we arrived with no other kids, but Oliver and Jo still had a lot of fun. They enjoyed playing pirates in the big ship. 

There wasn't a lot of actual equipment to play on, as the playground itself isn't very big. The pirate ship made up for it though, and the kids played happily for quite a while!

I'm always disappointed when there's not much shade, so the kids had a better time than I did. With all the sun, we were bothered by a few wasps (no stings, thankfully!). After about 20 minutes, I herded the kids back to the car. I could see spending more time at this park on a cloudy day. There's a pavilion near the playground that would work well for a picnic lunch.

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