Saturday, May 7, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Walnut Creek Regional Park

The drive to Walnut Creek Regional Park took a lot longer than I expected! It's way out west, but it was worth the drive. The park currently isn't listed on Google Maps, but I just tried to add it so hopefully it will be available soon. To get there, we took I-35 north to the Douglas exit, and then we drove west for probably about 4 miles. We turned right onto 155th, and the winding street changed names a few times before ending right at the playground.

The kids thought the over-sized chairs were pretty much the coolest thing. One helpful kid gave Jo a boost to get into the purple chair. Update: I learned from some other moms in Des Moines that these over-sized chairs move to various Urbandale parks! You can track where the chairs are on the Urbandale Adirondack Chairs Facebook page.

The playground was bustling with kids! There was one kid riding his "crazy car" in the basketball court, and a group of bigger kids were running around playing tag. The trail was a little busy with people going for a stroll, and a couple other parents were there with little kids. I like it when the playground is a little busy!

If you look in the background of the chair picture, you might notice something bright green in the distance. We decided to go check it out. It was a climbing structure! It's meant for bigger kids; Jo couldn't get past the first step, which was probably a good thing!

We've now made it to 4 parks in the Urbandale Park Challenge. 28 more to go!

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