Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Cross Creek Park

The weather is still hot, so I had to psych myself up to get the kids outside today. We decided to check out two parks because they're really close together: Cross Creek Park and Golfview Park. We turned west on Aurora Avenue from 86th Avenue. Shortly after we drove past 92nd Ct, we spotted the park from the road.

It really looks like a great park with a lot of slides and things to climb on. Plus, I like that shade awning! But the equipment was still super hot from the sun. The kids wouldn't go down the slides or anything, so we left to check out Golfview Park, which ended up being very well shaded! It's nice to know there are a couple options in the area. Cross Creek Park would be great on a day that isn't 95 degrees and sunny.

This park was number 12 for us on our parks challenge. We still have 20 to go!

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