Monday, June 27, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Timberline East Open Space and Days Run Park

We originally set out to walk through the Timberline East Open Space as one of our parks, but then I spotted a playground in the distance. It was Days Run Park, so we got two parks for the price of one today! This means we finished up parks 14 & 15 in our Urbandale Parks Challenge.

Days Run Park was busy! I think there were 3 other sets of families there, so the kids got a chance to play with others and be social. There are a lot of homes that back to this open space, and plus it has wide open views from the homes. So, it felt like a very safe park to let the kids kind of play on their own. I should have brought a book!

There was a bit of a castle on the playground, plus a dinosaur. It wasn't an especially big playground area, but they loved it just the same.

As far as shade goes, it was moderate. There were some trees to provide shade for parents hanging around, and a small section of the playground was shaded.

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