Sunday, June 19, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Donald J Brush Park

This afternoon, I took the kids to Donald J Brush Park. It's our 11th park toward completing the Urbandale Park Challenge.  Unlike some of the other neighborhood parks, this one was very easy to find, right off of NW 128th Street. When we pulled up, the kids were excited because we found the adirondack chairs again!

This park was about average, as far as playgrounds go. It did have a digger, but Oliver said it was too lightweight and couldn't dig down into the wood chips very well. I think the kids were a little cranky from the heat, to be honest!

They mostly climbed on stuff, like they did at Colby Woods Park yesterday.

A trail runs near the park, and I saw a number of people ride by on their bicycles. There weren't any kids at the playground, though. The kids got a little bored and hot, so we left after about 15 minutes. Like a few of the other parks, I'd say that this park is a nice one to stop at if you're in the area, but I can't imagine driving any distance to go here.

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