Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missing Bailey

I haven't talked (or wrote) much about the loss of my long-time canine companion, my beagle-mutt, Bailey. Honestly, I hadn't even wanted to think about her or her not being here. It's only been in the last month or so that I've started mentioning her and talking about her more with Andrew.

The truth is, I'm doing much better than I ever would have expected, although I haven't really started dealing with the loss, either. The good news is my thoughts of her are happy and fond; I don't linger on her last few weeks or her death. I talk about her now when Oliver begs for food or shreds toilet paper or wraps himself around my legs; these are Bailey traits. I've considered teaching him how to chase after toys I throw just to make the circle complete. Just kidding.

On the negative side of things, I don't like hearing about people and their dogs. How cruel is that? I know it's wrong, but it's how I feel. Of course, any one who is reading this should not actually refrain from talking about their dogs with me. I don't get mad or anything... I just don't like it. It makes me uncomfortable.

Well, anyway, the reason I bring Bailey up today is because I went digging through our toy closet to get the Halloween Play-Doh (We're giving out Play-Doh instead of candy until we run out of it this year. Then we have candy back up). Before I unearthed the Play-Doh, I found Bailey's Halloween costume (it's a pumpkin). That was too much for even this stoic. I started sobbing right there in front of the closet. Oliver came crawling over and, thinking I was laughing, started laughing along. I snuggled him for a little while, and then he crawled away as I finished up my cry.

Pictured: Bailey dressed in her pumpkin costume, Halloween 2007, and Oliver and Bailey at my parents' house, February 2010.

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