Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oliver's First Haircut

We scheduled an appointment for 2pm at a place called Lil' Cuts near our house. I wasn't sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised! We walked in, and there was a little boy (who was probably two and a half) sitting on a horse toy (the type you'd see at a play ground) getting his hair cut and styled.

Our stylist was Pam. She suggested I hold Oliver for his cut, and she asked me what shows he liked to watch. Oliver doesn't watch TV, but I didn't want to come across as snotty, so I told her, "Oh, anything with music." She turned something on the TV, and, then, she started snipping. Oliver didn't mind at all! Actually, he didn't notice for the first few minutes. Once he noticed something was happening, he was curious but not upset. All he wanted was to see what the heck she was doing. Andrew kept him calm and distracted by singing some of favorite songs: "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "Six Little Ducks." Oliver clapped and sang, "Aaaaaahhhh," with his Daddy.

When we were all done, Pam signed Oliver's first hair cut certificate that certified he acted "very brave," and she gave us a small envelope with his hair clippings. I had a coupon, so the haircut was just $8! We tipped her $5 for being so good to us, and we were out the door no more than fifteen minutes after we entered.

Unfortunately, I hadn't brought my camera to the salon. We took pictures immediately afterward, though. Check out his new 'do!

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