Sunday, October 24, 2010


My parents took Andrew, Oliver and me to an early dinner at Red Robin yesterday evening. Oliver rarely goes out to eat, so it's always new and exciting for him, and he does really well. He played with Grandpa Larry a lot and kept "sharing" his toys (we brought a piece of tupperware and a plastic kitchen cooking utensil). He shares by handing you something, although once you try to take it, he's usually a little reluctant to let go. Then, when you have it, he expects it back. He loves sharing this way, and does it over and over.

When dinner arrived, I gave him some of the chopped veggies on my salad as well as some Cheerios. He ate a little. Once he was full, he started pushing the Cheerios around with his utensil. Before long, he realized he could smash them with it (Don't worry; we cleaned everything up!). I'd put a Cheerio on the table, and in half a second, he'd WHACK his utensil down on the table and pulverize the Cheerio. He kept doing it, WHACK, WHACK. He had amazing aim. It didn't matter where I put the Cheerio, he'd WHACK it into powder. We started laughing so hard--full on belly laughter--and some of the adults at the table next to us started cracking up, too. Oliver was thrilled. My mom commented that he looked like he was playing the Whack-a-Mole game at the arcade, and, indeed, he did. What a great meal and show!

Pictured: Oliver is sharing his coaster with grandpa Larry and sharing his bread with Daddy. At home, he delighted in playing with the balloon from Red Robin. His pants are wet from drinking water out of a cup like a bog boy; it is not urine.

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