Monday, October 25, 2010


Do reaching and pointing count as two different milestones for babies? I can't recall a time when Oliver didn't reach for what he wanted (us to pick him up and Cheerios being the main examples), but starting yesterday, he has officially started pointing with his index finger. He's pointing to all sorts of things! He's pointed to his bathtub toys that were in the bath toy basket, he's pointed to his water cup, he's pointed to Owen, and he's pointed to me. It's so exciting! I feel like he's learning a lot by pointing. I know exactly what he's looking at, so I can name it and give it to him (unless it's Owen, of course! haha).

Pictured: Oliver went to a photo shoot with Grandma Colleen and Grandpa Paul yesterday. I included these shots because you can see him pointing to the wagon handle in the bottom left photo. To see more photos from his shoot (or, if you like the photos and want to schedule your own photo shoot), you can go to the photographer's website:

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