Thursday, October 20, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 54: Scissors

Oliver got some practice with scissors today! Of course, I used the cheap, safety scissors. They run about a dollar or two. We bought a Crayola pair that works surprisingly well. Safety scissors have come a long way since I was a kid! Back then, you might as well tear what you were cutting.

Anyway, Oliver has been fascinated with me using scissors to trim his hair recently. I'm not a good barber, but his last hair cut cost $25 and was already past his ears two weeks later. So, I've been slowly trimming it. I use the word "slowly" because Oliver only lets me make a few snips before he runs away.

I helped Oliver hold the scissors semi-properly and helped him cut a slice into some thick, shipping paper. He was very eager for me to let go and let him do it by himself.

Here's Oliver examining his scissors:

He decided the two-hand hold works best. I held the paper for him, and he got a few snips in:

Honestly, because he's two, and because this is the first time he's held scissors, he wasn't very good at using them. I suspect it will be a while before he can use scissors properly, and that's OK with me! Oliver became frustrated easily, and wanted out of his chair. I kept seeing him sneak back over to the scissors and try to use them again and again. They never occupied his time long, maybe just a minute or so each time, but he probably tried to use them a dozen times over the period of an hour or two.

I like giving Oliver a challenge, and using scissors is definitely a mental and physical challenge. I don't think this will be an activity that he'll enjoy for quite some time, but maybe by Christmas 2012, he and I can make snowflakes with scissors and construction paper. For his age now, I give this activity a C+.

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Anonymous said...

You have some great ideas for kids here! With my kids, I've taught them to use scissors by having them cut play dough snakes I've made for them into pieces. It seems like a great intro to using scissors.