Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Oliver and I decided to continue our tradition from last year and walked up to the Bear Creek Church's pumpkin patch on the corner to take some photos. He did a great job walking with me the entire way and held my hand when we crossed the street. The pumpkins appealed to him, and he enjoyed arranging the small ones and "counting" all of the large ones.

We didn't buy a pumpkin today because, as it turns out, they only take cash! I have to say, the pumpkins are surprisingly affordable. We didn't buy a pumpkin at the Pumpkin Festival at Oliver's party because pumpkins ran about $15 a shot. At the grocery store, they're $8. Here at the patch, pumpkins are charged by size, and moderate-sized pumpkins run from $5 - $10. There are huge pumpkins for sale for close to $20. So, we'll walk back this weekend and make our (moderately-sized) pumpkin purchase.

Here's Oliver exploring the small pumpkins:

Oh, boy! What fun it is to run around and count the large pumpkins:

This is the face I got out of Oliver when I asked him to pause and say cheese for the camera:

Back to the small pumpkins! Oliver first took all of the small pumpkins off of the hay barrel and set on them on the ground:

Oliver finished removing them all, and I told him we had to put them back. He worked so hard!

I had such a good time watching Oliver play with the pumpkins. I don't think the church lady minded too much (I'd asked her permission to wander around and take photos, I swear).

Walking back home and enjoying autumn:

Last year and this year:

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